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Movement and Meditation

Mon and Wed

7:30 PM

With Rebecca

This class includes breath work, movement, and mindfulness. Rebecca will lead you through a practice that focuses on grounding you in your body, relaxing your mind, and finding the stillness you need at the end of your day

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Tues and Thurs

7:00 AM

With Isaiah

The class if you want to be strong on the inside and out. Expect thoughtful sequences of muscle-building postures (to pull yourself together) and dynamic movement (to pull yourself apart). No abs-of-steel required: new and seasoned yogis take this class.

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Mary Jane's Yoga Flow


7:00 PM

With Ashley

Join us every Tuesday evening in a cannabis-friendly environment for a power flow class. This is a class for those who choose to practice elevated and for those who are comfortable practicing around others who are elevated. It is a class for like-minded individuals to land in a judgement-free zone and move their body in a space with their community. No cannabis will be provided before, during or after class.**

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BYOBaby Flow


11:30 AM

With Becca

Join Becca and her son Hudson for BYOB Flow! This fun class is for the parent who cares for their babies and needs a little escape! This one hour class will feature gentle stretches for those areas that need it most and some fun with your babe! We welcome all experience levels and families. 


Children 3 and younger are welcome to attend. And don’t worry if your baby cries or fusses, this will be a welcome, supportive space - we all get it

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7:30 PM

With Annelise

Melt away on Thursday nights in a practice that is all about slowing down and opening your body through passive stretching. Progressing through just a few postures in the course of any given class, which begins with seated mobility and slowly progresses through supported restorative asanas, creating space and ease in the whole body. During the long holds, we use a multitude of yoga props in a Restorative Yoga class to aid the body's ability to sink into the postures, find support and comfort so that the physical, mental and emotional bodies can really soak the gifts this amazing practice has to offer.

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Sleep in and Still make Yoga


10:30 AM

With Annelise

Morning, Sunshine! Get out of bed and join us for this functional mobility flow class.


This class is imbued with positive intentions of gratitude and progressive movements that cultivate a sense of steadiness and ease (Sthira & Sukha) in your practice. Come home to your mat and move into your body with this gentle and energizing Hatha/Vinyasa flow. 

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Well Rounded


10:00 AM

With Isaiah

A class for everybody and every body that balances a few styles of yoga. It’s an unpretentious all-around practice for the whole studio community. 

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5:00 PM

With Isaiah

Through mindful, exploitative and slow movements, props are used to deepen sensation and awareness, increase mobility and release tension.

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